Your Health Is In Your Hands

02 Jun

  “It’s not just what you’re eating it’s what’s eating you.”

 Have you ever noticed that when you are down you eat more and then concurrently you feel worse? Today’s society is geared towards the “selling” of foods. It is sold to us on a daily basis through clever marketing campaigns either on billboards, in magazines, on TV and even in the supermarket. These marketing campaigns promise us we will be as cool and as popular as the attractive people in the ad so long as we consume the respective product, when in all honesty the models in these ads would probably never go near the can of coke, for example, for fear of the calories.

Society is being tricked in to purchasing foods that are packed with ingredients we have never even heard of, but make them taste of so great. A large reason they are so tasty is the fact that they are loaded with sugar. Jamie Oliver did a TED seminar in the USA in 2010 where he tipped a wheelbarrow full of sugar cubes on to the stage to demonstrate the percentage of sugar that is in milk that is provided for children at schools twice a day. It is disgusting.

Jamie goes on to say that the way we are consuming processed foods is lowering the next generations’ life expectancy by 10 years! (Click here for a link to his energetic talk).   A Food Matters Film ‘Hungry For Change’ states that we “are not eating food anymore but we are eating food-like products”… that are “made to look and smell better so people are attracted to them”. Our bodies are programmed to store fats for survival but the problem these days are that we have so many foods available that are the wrong foods and so we are storing that fat! But, “your health is in your hands”…

Kriss Carr, best selling author of ‘Crazy, Sexy, Diet’ says “it’s not just what you’re eating but it’s what’s eating you”, STRESS! Carr has been suffering from a stage 4 terminal-illness for the past 10 years and has made some critical changes to her life to ensure she lives a better life for longer. A self-proclaimed ‘Wellness Warrior’, Carr talks about how habits are hard to break. Neural pathways are created when we do something on a regular basis and then they become habit. Dr Christiane Northrup (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist) goes on to state that “obesity is not the problem it’s the solution!” And by solution she is referring to how the body deals with stress. It is a protective mechanism of the body to store fats. It is the chemistry of our bodies that is trying to protect us.

So what are all these people saying?

We need to eat natural products, we need to exercise more, we need to get more sleep (and good sleep at that) and finally we need to remove the stress from our lives.

Starting with good nutrition we are giving our bodies the best opportunity to be healthy. Please find some links at the end of the article for organic food options. If you need some tips on how to exercise effectively don’t be put off by your local gym, or even by taking on one of those discount vouchers for a ‘boot camp’. Although you don’t need to be paying for exercise because frankly you could just pop on a pair of joggers and go for a walk or a run… if you’re the sort of person who needs the motivation or simply needs to learn how to do it properly then DO IT! Go and get a trainer! Alternatively buy yourself a bike! There are so many cycle paths these days that we don’t need to be catching the train to work – start riding…Click here for more information on exercise. Exercise has the extra benefit of not only improving your fitness but also reducing your stress levels. It’s far more important than you think….

By undertaking things such as yoga, taichi, or other forms of meditation you are on your way to reducing your stress. It only needs to take 30mins of your day to just focus your thoughts and unwind your mind. There is a multitude of free you tubes videos or downloads you can use to get you started if you don’t want to go to classes. It doesn’t matter what method you chose, everyone is different, but we all need to change our priorities and start thinking about our bodies…

Your body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. If your spine has a subluxation the messages cannot be received or transmitted as well as they should, if at all. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic care helps improve your overall wellness by removing the subluxations and maintaining the communication flow of your nervous system through your body.

Please contact us at Lane Cove Chiropractic if you think you could benefit from chiropractic care.

Here are some suggestions for wholesome produce vendors:

Online Stores:

Food Connect (produce from the Sydney Basin)

Organic Goodness

Abundant Organics

Life Organic

Organic Food Markets: click here for locations and times


Taste Organic Crows Nest (click here for details)

Whole House Foods in Wollahra and Waterloo (click here for details)

Click here for an Organic Food directory

If you know of any great organic food outlets or online stores that you recommend please leave a comment and let us know.

Links for more information:

Jamie Oliver’s TED talk 

Hungry For Change

Kriss Carr’s ‘Crazy Sexy Diet’

Dr Christiane Northrup


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